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Enbio Autoclave Sterilizer

Enbio Autoclave Sterilizer

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A compact, economical option suited for podiatry and foot care! Up to 1.1 lbs per load and 15 minute cycles make sterilization a breeze. This is a vac sterilizer, which means it is the most efficient and you can stack your pouches, fitting more than you would think in such a compact machine. It uses just a few ounces of water and the water is not held in a chamber- it flows in then right out- eliminating the need for elaborate cleaning routines. A truly perfect machine for the nursing foot care practice.

  • Class B – Pre/Post Vacuum Sterilization Ensures the Highest Level of Tabletop Sterilization  (Superior to Gravity Displacement Method)
  • When using Class B/Pre-Vac sterilizers, the air is first removed from the chamber before the sterilization phase begins. This method ensures that there are no unsterilized air pockets left, making it ideal for sterilizing delicate instruments like dental handpieces. Unlike in Gravity Displacement Sterilizers, there is no need to leave space around the sterilization packs for air movement.
  • Full Automatic with Pre-set Programs: Unwrapped, Wrapped, Hollow, Liquid, Solid, Textile and Porous items
  • High-precision Temperature and Pressure Control.
  • Complies with EN13060, Health Canada and CSA Electrical Standards
  • Easy to Use and Operates Quietly.
  • Easily Accessible Water Tank.
  • Built-in Steam Generator Ensures Rapid Sterilization Cycles.
  • Vacuum-Assisted Drying Ensures Completely Dry Packs
  • Separate Fresh-Water and Waste-Water Tanks.
  • User-friendly LCD Screen Displaying Time, Temperature, Pressure, Process Alerts and Programmed Cycle.
  • Multilanguage Menu
  • Double-Safety Protection prevents a cycle from starting if the door is not correctly locked.
  • Pressure Safety Valve Prevents Overpressure in the Chamber and Steam Generator.
  • Power Automatically cuts if a short circuit or electrical fault occurs.
  • Specific Error Codes detect and identify the exact cause of any operator or technical problem. The Water Level Switch controls the min/max water level.
  • Bowie Dick and Helix Testing Options Available  (Not Required)
  • Automatic Maintenance Warning.
  • Free Technical Support and Next Day Loaner Service Available


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