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Dragonfly Dreaming Dragon Balm

Dragonfly Dreaming Dragon Balm

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Dragon Balm Warming Rub™ is an utterly natural plant-based alternative to petrochemical rubs that has been used for chest colds, aching muscles and joints due to arthritis, sports strains, injuries or over-exertion; growing pains, menstrual cramps, stuffy sinuses, headaches, coughs and bronchitis (known to stop asthma attacks too). 

100% pure essential oils include •Peppermint, Sweet Birch, •Cowichan Lavendula, •Eucalyptus.

Does NOT contain palm oil, fragrance oils, cortisone, petrochemicals, gluten, lanolin, animal, mineral or nut oils, formaldehyde, parabens, PABA or any type of chemicals.

Recommend inner wrist test for sensitive skin and children as Dragon Balm contains a high percentage of essential oils. Keep safe from kids and pets.

Texture: A stiff balm. Melts with body heat and soaks in quickly, never leaving behind a greasy feeling. 


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