Auntie Fungal Nail Oil 10ml, 15ml.


Auntie Fungal Nail Oil in sizes 10ml and 15ml. Fungal nails can be very difficult to over come, especially if they have already infected up to 75% of the nails on one foot. This treatment has been proven to be effective if used twice daily and applied to entire nail especially along the sulcus and under the free edge of the nail. Ensure that this is done until the new nail grows out completely. Additional measures that may help to eliminate the fungal nail problem is to treat the foot wear that your client is wearing. Anti fungal sprays may be used at the end of each day, or even better a UV sterilizer can be used on each shoe to kill all fungal spores (as well as anything viral and bacterial.)

Choosing to treat fungal nails with an all natural treatment is a much safer option then systemic anti fungals that are hard on the liver!

A larger size refill bottle is available as an economical alternative, it does not however come with a dropper. Please use contact page to request that item.