• Angelfeet File Small Pro


    The Angelfeet Small Pro is available as a Double Sided file and has a narrow surface. One side is rough for hard cracked and calloused skin and the other is for not so rough skin. You get the same Fine abrasive side with each file to accommodate softness. This file measures approximately 7 1/8" tall by 1 2/8" wide.

    Some of the benefits of these files:

    ~Made of QUALITY Surgical Grade Steel~

    ~DURABLE: Lasts up to 1200+ Pedicures~

    ~SAFE: Does not cut or grate skin- Safe for Diabetics!~

    ~ECO FRIENDLY: Recyclable and Reusable~

    For exceptional details about this amazing product click on this link below to be taken to the official Angelfeet website "About" page. Please note that those prices are in USD, so come on back to Longevity when you are ready to give them a whirl. :)