Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy

Shipping for orders over $150 in British Columbia is free and orders over $250 in the rest of Canada is free. For orders under these minimums the following standardized shipping fees apply:

There are just a few exceptions for the following items: Podiatry drills of all styles.

Autoclave Service

All items that are to undergo the autoclave service must be signed in and out. Items must also be prepackaged and labelled by the owner prior to being signed in and out. Care must be taken not to puncture instruments through the sterile packaging. Should a package be found to have a puncture prior to autoclaving, a picture will be taken of it along with the instruments in the package. Items will then be repackaged, labelled as such, and the punctured package will be returned to instrument owner. Once items have been signed out, Longevity Services is not responsible for any punctures found in packaging.
All Biological, chemical and mechanical indicators are monitored closely for quality assurance. Mechanical indicators are available upon request and will be kept on file for 5 years.