Dragonfly Dreaming Organics® Pepp'R'MinTea Organic Lip Balm™


Hand made on Vancouver Island - Dragonfly's ace lip balm formula with the coolest tastiest wild mint - straight from their still - along with certified organic English peppermint oil. And a super-sized tube that will keep you going for ages, without getting lost - fancy that! 

Utterly natural oils of •+sacha inchi, •calendula, •sunflower, •evening primrose, •hemp, apricot, grapeseed, carrot root, •kukui, •rosehip with unrefined (raw) Vancouver Island fireweed +•beeswax, fair trade +•shea butter, mango butter, non-synthetic soy-derived Vitamin E, •English peppermint essential oil, +•wild mint oil.

(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients, + = non-timber forest product)