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PediFix PediPlast 250 grams

PediFix PediPlast 250 grams

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PediPlast® is a silicone compound that lets you fabricate soft, yet durable, customized digital appliances in less than five minutes. You'll make toe cushions, straighteners, separators or protectors to treat almost any forefoot condition, including hammer toes, overlapping toes, corns, bunions, even replace amputated digits.  How? Just mix the putty-like compound with the curing agent and mold it directly to the patient's foot. After a few minutes, the material will harden into its permanent form, ranging from soft to firm, based on the amount of curing agent added.  No odors or mess.  Non-toxic.  Hypoallergenic.  No refrigeration or special handling necessary.  Cut or grind finished devices to make additional alterations. Available in 100 gram (with 1 tube of curing agent) or 250 gram (with 2 tubes of curing agent)


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