Longevity Services recognizes the importance of continuing education in the field of Foot Care and offers comprehensive programs for nurses and foot care professionals to advance their practice. The programs include theoretical curriculum and one-on-one clinical training. Longevity also provides ongoing support and networking opportunities. Completing this program provides participants with 40 clinical training hours and 110 hours of theory.



 The Complete Foot Care Nursing Certificate Program:

Full FCN Certificate Package Tuition: $3376 (taxes included)

This includes...

Online FCN Theory Course coupled with, FCN Clinical Course

4 On-site Days and 2 Days of Online Classes
We offer one of the best most reputable programs available!  In association with Foot Canada Training Inc. your educator facilitates you through the Foot Care Nursing Program from start to graduation, and beyond!  We accept continuous year-round registrations and the program is self-paced and flexible.
Active LPN or RN  
Registration in good standing.
The program consists of 2 parts:
Online FCN Theory Portion:
Self-paced, online theoretical curriculum to increase your knowledge of lower limb anatomy, common conditions and complications and in relation to your patient's overall health. The course is designed to prepare a nurse for a career in nursing foot care, as a prerequisite to further clinical training. Completed online at your own pace, but must be finished within a 6 month period.  Once you complete your theory course you can begin to schedule your clinical training days. 
For a more detailed outline of the Online Theory Portion, follow this link to the Foot Canada Website:
**Please note you must register directly through Longevity Services at, or through this contact page, in order to enter our program. Do not register through the Foot Canada website.**


FCN Clinical Training:

Doing this training with Longevity is unique because you are paired with an experienced nurse for one-on-one training in a variety of foot care settings.  You could find yourself in long-term care, out in the community, or volunteering at the homeless shelter. (Or all 3!) We will provide hands-on sterilization and disinfection training.  
As a supplier, we are well equipped to coach you through start-up requirements and costs and help you put together a package that both meets your needs and budget. Best of all you will have our ongoing support as you get your new career off the ground.  We will be the beginning of a new network of colleagues you will take forward into the interesting and fulfilling career in Podiatric Nursing.


 Here is a summary of the program:

  1. Online Theory Course through Foot Canada Training. You complete this at your own pace but must complete before your clinical dates.
  1. Live Classes with Chrystal Online. These are run on rotation every second month except for July and August. 
  1. Clinical Training dates. 4 days of one-on-one training with Chrystal (me). These can be booked 4 in a row or split up in any way that works best for you. I am very accommodating for my out-of-town students.
  1. Private Facebook Group. This group is for Longevity students only and is a resource hub for useful files/ documents, updates in the profession, supplemental educational resources. It is also where I post class schedules. Once registered fully you will have permanent access to the group and ongoing support.


Below is a list of OTHER continuing education workshops we periodically offer through Longevity


FCN Clinical Refresher Course:
1-day Refresher for FCNs (recommended every 5 years)
 FCN Clinical Training/ Mentoring One-on-One:
This is basically the clinical training program without the online theory component.
 Neubourg Skin and Nail Technologies Workshop - Onyfix Certification and Podoexpert Professional Training:
Add these essential technologies to your foot care tool kit to help clients to repair nail dystrophies. Including ingrown nails as well as heal damaged skin with Podoexperts patented technologies. 
  Diabetes Foot Care Management
1-day course
 Infection Prevention and Control
1-day course
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) 1-day course
 Podiatry Instrument Skills
1-day course
 Private Practice
1-day course
 Wound Care 
1-day course


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