Longevity Services offers the service of Autoclave sterilizing your equipment. We understand that not everybody is ready or willing to put out the significant investment in order to sterilize in their own home. 

The medical profession is always moving forward and best practice follows suit. It is best practice to sterilize critical medical equipment in an autoclave and use them from sterile packaging.

We run our biological indicators daily, as well as our chemical and mechanical indicators for every load. We meet our local and National standards for sterile equipment.


$25 per load if doing one load only. More then one load per order is $23 per load- a few examples of a load are - 12 5 x 11 inch packs or 32 2 x 4 inch packs

Additional surcharge for pick up and delivery, depending on where you are located.

Contact Chrystal to arrange service that works for you.



*Sign in and sign out sheet completed each time you utilize this service. Mechanical indicators are available at any time upon request- and kept on file permanently.